Cheongsam Lingerie for Genesis 8 Females

File Description

The "Cheongsam Lingerie" Outfit is a high quality lingerie set for Genesis 8 Female(s) by Daz 3D.

All included morphs have been carefully crafted and refined to give you realistic fits, especially in the breast area. While this package comes with a selection of morphs preinstalled, it automatically conforms to any morph dialed in Genesis 8 Female(s) through auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.10 or higher.

This product requires to be simulated with Daz Studio dForce.

Material files are optimized for Iray.

**** The panty figure used in promo images is not included in the product! ****


Dynamic Morphs

Fit Panty
Front Down Style
Front Wide Style
Open Neck 01
Open Neck 02
Open Neck L
Open Neck R
Skirt Length Back
Skirt Length Front
Skirt Length Long Back
Skirt Length Long Front
Skirt Length Short Back
Skirt Length Short Front
Skirtt Move Back Inner L
Skirtt Move Back Inner R
Skirtt Move Back Up
Skirtt Move Front Inner L
Skirtt Move Front Inner R
Skirtt Move Front Up

Adjust Morphs

Adjust Breast L
Adjust Breast R
Adjust Collar L
Adjust Collar R
Adjust Glutes
Adjust Hip
Adjust Neck
Adjust Thigh L
Adjust Thigh R
Adjust Upper Body
Adjust Waist


Pretty Base NG8
Additional Shapes may be supported by Auto Follow

Thank you very much for viewing this product, we hope you like it.
©2020 Pretty3D

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  • volvo125
    2 months ago
    Very fine, Thank You!
  • beachlegs
    5 months ago
    This is stunning thank you very much :)
  • elArjo
    6 months ago
    Thank you so much for the freebie! It`s beautiful! One question: Do you sell the long hair, or know where I can find it for Genesis 8 Female? Thanks!
  • IceCrMn
    8 months ago
    Thank you.Works very well, even without dforce sim.
  • grampa_dave
    8 months ago
    Thank you for this useful freebie. One question though: how do I create a hem/border like those at the neck/arms? The main body of the dress is a single material zone so if I user a different shader I lose the border.
    • Pretty3D
      8 months ago
      The neck, chest and arms are designated as a separate material zone. It is separate from the body.

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