Hi-Fantasy - Treasure Hunter for Victoria 4

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"Hi-Fantasy - Treasure Hunter" is a fantasy outfit set which is designed for Pretty Base IV and Victoria 4. This outfit consists of high quality mesh models with dynamic morphs. These morphs provide to advanced movement morphs to conform realisticially with the character movements. All accesories which complete the fantasy hunter oufit are easy to use. This pack includes a complete outfit, smart props, v4 poses, action hair poses and hand files.

There are 7 parts of outfit meshes in this product which were modelled high quality and detailed carefully. These are; Tank Top, Hot Pants, Boots, Gun Harness, Bag, Guns and Sunglasses.

We put 10 v4 poses which make you live the spirit of the oufit and 10 Action Hair poses that can help your action scene... Besides, 2 hand files were added to the package for the guns.

In addition: Breast Control System that was designed specifically for Pretty Base IV users which is compatible with the outfit.

We used extra bones on gun harness and bag to provide more realistic movements. So that, we could make the gun movements harmonious with the gun harness and we also get the bag movements free on back without any deformations.

Treasure Hunter includes;

1 Morphing, conforming Tank Top figure
1 Morphing, conforming Hot Pants figure
1 Morphing, conforming Gun Harness figure
1 Morphing, conforming Bag figure
A Pair of Morphing, conforming Boots figures

1 Gun prop
4 Gun smart props (2 Belt, 2 hand)
1 Sunglasses smart prop

2 Gun hand files (Left & Right)

10 V4-PBIV Action poses
10 Action Hair poses

1 Breast Control SystemTM Pose
(Requiered Pretty Base IV)

23 Texture Maps
7 Template files

Pretty Base IV, Pretty Base IV - HQ Maps & Tatoos and Action Hair
were used in the promos.

Thank you for viewing the product.

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