Hi-Fantasy - Pussycat

Product Description

"Hi-Fantasy - Pussycat" is a fantasy outfit set which is designed for Pretty Base IV and Victoria 4. This outfit consists of high qualty mesh models with dynamic morphs. These morphs provide to advanced movement morphs to conform realisticially with the character movements. All accesories that complete the fantasy cat oufit are easy to use. This pack includes complete fantasy cat outfit, smart props, action poses and cameras.

There are 8 parts of outfit meshes in this product that were modelled as high quality and all details were made very carefully:
Top, Pants, Boots, Gloves, 2 Cat Masks, Whip

We put 9 poses which make you live the spirit of the oufit and 6 cameras belong theses poses...

There are 2 different cat masks in the pack. You can live the full mask without using any hair. If you want to see your character with hair, the 2nd one would be useful for you.

Pretty Base IV, Pretty Base IV - HQ Maps & Tatoos and Pretty Long Hair were used in the promos. Please refer all your questions about our products to Pretty 3D Forums. Thank you for viewing the product.

HiFantasy - Pussycat includes

1 Conforming, Morphing Top figure
1 Conforming, Morphing Pants figure
1 Conforming, Morphing Boots figure
1 Conforming, Morphing Gloves figure
1 Cat Mask Smart Prop (for head)
1 Cat Mask Smart Prop (for face)
1 Whip Prop
2 Whip Smart Prop (Left&Right hands)
9 Victoria 4 Poses
6 Cameras for poses
12 Texture Maps

All parts of "Hi-Fantasy - Pussycatl" support "Pretty Base IV"