Hi-Fashion (Life Style) - Breezy

Product Description

"Hi-Fashion (Life Style) - Breeze" is a rich product designed for Daz's Victoria 3. This hi-quality product has got realistic and fascinating details. There are 8 parts in the package and these parts complete the outfit. These are skirt, tank top, panty, stockings, shoes, necklace, earrings and bracelet. There are also 4 texture set in the package. You can mix and match them. So you would create many alternates for your character with one product.

"Breeze" contains hi-quality mesh models with dynamic morphs and magnets.V3 base morphs, extra movement morphs, wind morphs and style morphs will make your work more easier.These morphs provide you best conforming with advanced movements of your character. So, "Breeze" will look perfect with any pose you choose to apply your character.

By using this complete product, you would catch the realism in your art works and animations that you needed, so your work will get more enjoyable.

Notice !

•All renders made with Poser 4 and there is no postwork!.
•"Pretty Base" character and "Pretty Base HQ Maps" was use at the promo pics
•Many poses at the promos belong to ilona
•The hair which use in the promos is DAZ's Changing Pony Tail
•We recommend you to use Pretty Base morphs for getting best performance with this product.

•1 Morphing, conforming Tank Top figure.
•1 Morphing, conforming Skirt figure.
•1 Morphing, conforming Panty figure.
•1 Morphing, conforming Stockings figure.
•1 Morphing, conforming Necklace figure.
•1 Morphing, conforming Shoes figure.
•1 Bracelet smart prop
•1 Left earring smart prop.
•1 Right earring smart prop.
•4 Full texture sets (Default, Black and White, Denim, Newspaper)
•20 Material Poses
•24 Texture Maps.