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Pretty Base IV

Product Description

Pretty3D is proud to present their newest production

Pretty Base IV is completely formad by custom moprhs.
We applied a real womans’s anotomy to Victoria 4’s figure creating a true Super Model.

Easy -one click- realistic breast movements are optinable by using the innovative “Breast Control SystemTM”

Pretty Base IV also has her own real hair: Pretty Long Hair, especially created for her. Included is the “Lite Version”

Pretty Base IV of course also has her own basic wear, a sensuous lingerie set: Bra & Panty reach imcludes many dynamic morphs...

Pretty Base IV is more than a character pack. When you get it, you would understand better. Of course all future Pretty3D Team’s outfits will support Pretty Base IV. We hope you’ll like this pack very much.

NOTE : We definilety recommend to use “Pretty Base IV - HQ Maps & Tattos” which specially produced for Pretty Base IV.

This product updated at March 2008. This update is FREE for all previous buyers, just go to your Purchase History page to download the new files.

* 3 Custom face morphs were added.
* 8 Expressions were added.
* Braest Control System helpers set up again.
* Some corrections were made on morph controls.

Breast Control SystemTM

"Pretty Base IV" contains the "Breast Control SystemTM" which is especially for breast movements.

This system allows you to simulate natural breast movements giving your model a realistic look when posed using your favorite ready poses or your own.

The "Breast Control SystemTM" was created for "Pretty Base IV" but it can also be used with V4 Base and any derivative of her (V4 character figures)

The "Breast Control SystemTM" does not affect only the breasts but the whole way the outfit moves on the body, giving you the possibility to create that special look for that particular outfit i.e if your model is wearing a tight corset, you can also get your model's breast to tighten and lift along with the corset as it would be in reality giving incredible realism and results.

The "Breast Control SystemTM" developed by Pretty3D and will be supported and continuously improved by our group.