Pretty Base Next Generation for Genesis 3 Female

Product Description

We are proud to present "Pretty Base Next Generation"; a glamour and a sexy realistic character. Pretty Base NG was textured in great details to emphasize her captivating details. With her beautiful face and sexy body morphs, Pretty Base NG is the perfect fit for all of your scenes, and will compliment any other scenes that you can use together.

Pretty Base Next Generation is a special character which has been prepared for Genesis 3 Female. She has very realistic details and a wonderful face. The previous Pretty Base characters made for Victoria 3 and Victoria 4 proved their quality. And this one will raise its popularity up and you will absolutely want to have this special character.

PBNG Breasts Cleavage (for tight decollete)
PBNG Breasts Cleavage Add (for tight decollete)
PBNG Breasts Natural (for comfortable outfits)
PBNG Breasts Overbust (for corsets)
PBNG Breasts Padded (for padded bras)

It's just enough to have Genesis 3 Female character to use "Pretty Base Next Generation". It is composed of completely custom morphs and it doesn't need any extra packs. Besides full body and full head morphs, it also has 5 breast morphs which help to show all kind of outfits more realisticly.