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Pretty Base (V3 Version)

Product Description

Pretty Base is a V3 character pack which includes special Pretty3D morphs. This pack specially prepared for Pretty3D outfit collections to get them more attractive and productive. Most of the previous Pretty3D outfits and the followings will support this special base. Besides, the V3 Head morphs which used at Pretty3D promotions before are also inside this pack. So you would have a possibility to work with this character that was used at promotions. Except this, some new extra morphs were added for outfits. With these extra morphs, you can give your effects to your scenes completely.

For example; when you dress your character a tight corset or a bikini they would provide you to obtain necessary effects. And all Pretty3D outfits will support these special morphs. Don't forget! You will find the Pretty3D's quality and techniqual supports in this product Attention! Pretty Base dosen't work with Victoria 3 SR2 versiyon.

You can only use the product with Victoria 3 SR1 and/or Victoria 3 SAE versions. This pack included fallowing parts; Head Inj and Rem Poses (Pretty3D's Show Girl Face) Body Inj and Rem Poses (New Body Shape) 4 Dress Fitting Poses (New V3 Breast Morphs) 4 Breast Move Poses (New V3 Breast Morphs) A special outfit was added to this package for trying this morphs quickly. 1 Bustier Figure 1 Ho tPants Figure The face in this package is the face which used in Pretty3D's promos before.

From now on you would create your own scenes with Pretty3D's Show Girl. All morphs except head's produce by Pretty3D for our outfits. So that, you would use outfits which produced by Pretty3D more productive. Besides, these usefull morphs were added most of the previous outfit. You can find the list of these outfits in this page...

The texture in this package is not included. The textures are prepared by Mytilus for this product specially.