Red Rabbit Character for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Product Description

"Red Rabbit Character" is a character set for Genesis 2 Female(s) that requires Genesis 2 Female Body and Head Morphs, The Girl 6 and Aiko 6. Textures were created painstakingly, without seams even in the anatomical element area.

The stunning Red Rabbit Character comes with 2 make-up choices, there is also a stocking second skin option in the package. This second skin makes this pack more useful. You would use it without having any conforming problems. In addition, there are 4 nail colors, nipples on/off and nails long options.

Red Rabbit's natural sensuous skin, gorgeous face and voluptuous body morphs will intoxicate you and With this useful package you would catch the realism in your art works and animations that you needed, and so your works would get more enjoyable.