Red Rabbit for V4 (Hair)

Product Description

The "Red Rabbit (Hair)" is a conforming hair model designed to be conformed to Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, Stephanie 4.. It contains many morphs to make the model easier to pose.

The hair is formed by high quality meshes and textures. There are 9 hair color options in the pack. There are also 2 helpers one at front and one is back to provide you easy and realistic movements.

Red Rabbit (Hair) includes;
- 1 Comforming Hair Figure (cr2 & obj)
- 10 Hair Color Material Files (9 colors and 1 default color)
- 1 Adjust Hair ADD Pose
- 1 Adjust Hair REM Pose
- 1 Hair Reset Helpers pose
- 1 Hair Reset Morphs pose
- 15 Texture and Transparent maps