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The Others - Hell Guard

× Some gallery pictures contains artistic nudity.

Product Description

"The Others - **** Guard" a full comprehensive fantasy product that includes a gorgeous devilish V3 character, clothing, props, hair, devil horns and even hand poses! This exciting Xtra large pack has everything you'll need to create the ultimate devilish fantasy scene!

The Others - **** Guard Character:
The Others-**** Guard is a high quality custom-morphed V3 character and texture set. This updated version contains two head textures: "normal" and a revamped "dead" texture. There are now four head options: with horns and without horns for both the normal and dead skin textures. The new improved "dead" texture reveals realistic veined areas on Victoria 3's head, breasts, calfs and ears. She comes with five eye colors and bonus red and blue skin tones for those Xtreme fantasy renders or animated scenes!

The Others - **** Guard Outfit :
The Others - **** Guard outfit consists of high quality mesh models with dynamic morphs and magnets and advanced movement morphs to conform realistically with the character's movements. All accessories that complete the outfit are easy to use "smart props." This updated version includes brand new realistic textures, updated props, helmet and cape!

The Others - **** Guard Hair :
To complete the ultimate fantasy scene, a hair with helmet prop is included with new updated extra hair and movement morphs.

NEW added character texture set ("normal" skin option) UPDATED "dead" skin texture 4 NEW Head options (with horn or no horn options with dead or normal skins) NEW remodeled props and outfits : Hair and Helmet, knife and cape. NEW added morphs to hair. This update is FREE for all previous buyers, just go to your Purchase History page to download the new files.

**** Guard V3 CHARACTER:
1 Custom Head
1 Custom Body
2 HQ Photorealistic Head textures and bump maps (4000x2720)
2 HQ Photorealistic Body textures and bump maps (3000x4000)
5 HQ Photorealistic Eye textures and bump maps (500x500)
1 HQ Photorealistic Teeth texture and bump map (1500x1500)
1 Horns MAT pose 1 No Horns MAT pose 1 Lashes Trans map (1024x1024)
1 Reflection map (400x400)
2 Bonus skin tones
1 Halberd hand pose
1 Knife hand pose

1 **** Guard Helmet prop and hair
1 Pair of Boots figure
1 Bottom figure
1 Cape figure
1 Pauldron figure
2 Top figures
1 Pair of Vambrace figure
1 Horn
3 Halberds (Left hand SP, Right hand SP, Independent)
3 Knives (Left hand SP, Right hand SP, Sheath SP)
1 Sheath 20 Outfit Textures, Bump and Reflections Maps
5 Hair Textures, Bump and Transparent Maps
18 Material Poses