Treasure Hunter Clothing Set for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Product Description

She is an intelligent, highly athletic adventurer and archaeologist who travels the world in search of hidden treasures, frequently facing off against mercenaries, grave robbers, and other dangers..

"Treasure Hunter" is an adventurer clothing set that is designed for Genesis 8 Female(s). The parts are formed by high-quality meshes and also contain many dynamic morphs to give the most realism to your scenes.

HQ MESH MODELS: There are 9 parts of outfit meshes in this product that were modeled as high quality and all details were made very carefully.

FITTING, STYLING, AND DYNAMIC MORPHS: All included morphs have been carefully crafted and refined to give you realistic fits, especially in the breast area. Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in Daz Studio

SUPPORTS Iray AND dFORCE: This product supports Daz Studio dForce Engine and Iray render engine. On the other hand, you can easily use the product without using dForce.

Get the Treasure Hunter Clothing Set for Genesis 8 Female(s) for your next big adventure!